December 6, 2013

Ice Day and Back in the Swing of Things

Today we have an ice day! It's not actually icy yet, and my school is not actually closed yet but my son's daycare closed preemptively because the ice is suppose to hit us at 8:00 this morning. I have a 40 minute, one way, commute so I'm going to go ahead and stay home with my babies! :) However, I do hope my littles all get home safely before the ice gets too bad!

Today actually gave me this day to decide that my blogging hiatus is over. I miss blogging, but I felt like I had no inspiration this fall. And to tell you the truth I don't really like the fall that much, but I do love the Christmas season and we have been spending a lot of time doing some super fun stuff! Which I have few pictures of, because I've been having technical issues, but I have a few and will be sharing this weekend! :)

Is anyone else "enjoying" an ice or snow day today?? (I say that lightly because I know no one wants to be in school in June! ;). Have fun and stay safe today!

October 6, 2013

October Currently!

I'm usual. Actually I haven't done a currently since this summer, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things so I decided to just jump in anyway! I love reading these each month! And, I love October...even though it still feels like summer, and has been super gloomy lately. But, I love teaching my October units, and I will have some things to share next week! Anyway, here is my currently for this month! I am of course linking up with Farley for this months currently! 

Listening: to nothing! I managed to get everyone down for a nap at the same time...even the husband and puppy! :) It hasn't been this quiet in ages around my house and I am soaking it all up!

Loving: my class! I am so blessed this year. The beginning of the year was a little rocky, but now they are settling in beautifully and they are SO SMART!!

Thinking: I had a yard sale on Saturday, and it rained!!! We made a little bit, but we are rescheduling for a couple of weeks away! We are saving to finish up our Disney trip fund. We are going for Thanksgiving!! Can't wait!

Wanting: the sun to's been sooo gloomy this month so far. Clouds everyday. I need a little sun in my life, well actually a lot of sun, but for now I'll settle for a little. I'm starting to think that I'm in Washington State instead of the south! :)

Needing: just a little nap. Just an hour. Or even 30 minutes. But I have far too much to do so I will soldier on! 

Trick: or treat depending on how you look at it! My own personal daughter has a terrible fear of automatic flushing potties. She doesn't like not being able to control the flush. So my aid (yes, I have a full time aid, you can be jealous;)} thought to stick a post-it note over the sensor so that it won't flush until you remove it, and it has worked like a charm! Hopefully that can help a few of you too!

Link up and have fun! Thanks for stopping by!!

September 24, 2013

Classroom Setup, A Potty Trick, and A New Family Member!

So I promised a little review through pictures of my year so far. So let's start at the beginning shall we? This is what my room looked like right before open house this year. I went with a fairy tale theme at the request of my daughter. She wanted a princess room. We compromised, and I have to say I love it! It's fairly simple, my room is super teeny tiny and I don't have a lot of room so I have to make it count! :)

This is my little guided reading corner. The 3 drawer carts hold my guided readers. The bookshelf is holding all of my teacher editions, odds and ends, treasure box, etc. next to that is my mini fridge, a girl's gotta have her diet coke ;), and my reading strategy board. I got those posters from Cara at the First Grade Parade for free on her blog. I love free :). Not to mention they are effective and adorable!
This is my computer area. This is my computer as well as my only student computer. My birthday board is over the computer it just needs my kiddos sweet pictures to complete that. Filing cabinet, and that little cart with the chevron baskets (that I got for $1.97 from Wal-Mart each AND they are fabric!) is my listening center. Tissues, germ-x, and calendar books are on top of that. 
This area is not pretty, but it's the hub for my day. That bookshelf is the only one I have that the school furnishes. It holds all of my math manipulatives, community supplies, centers, math books, counting collections, and a few random things that I just have no other place for. The drawers are my monthly drawers. I'm working on organizing all of my stuff this year a little better. 
Now don't be jealous, but this unit is the only bit of closed storage I have. In it I have my monthly read alouds, art supplies, extra curriculum stuff, science lab things, etc. It holds a lot, but it's super messy. This is a project this year in itself. 
Open house sign. Not an artist :).
Calendar area, number line (below board), alphabet posters (above board).Alphabet posters are from Miss Nelson at
Whole group carpet area. My word wall is to the left of the board. 
Writing Center, in desperate need of a paint job, but I ran out of summer. :) I got the writer's eye board from Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade. Also free off of her blog!
The huge pieces of paper are going to be my focus walls for math, units, and reading. I will be hanging my anchor charts, vocabulary words, etc on them throughout the year. You also see my schedule cards, objective boards, copy/file/grade drawers, and baskets for turning in assignments. 
View from the door. 
Another door view...
And another....

Back there is my reading corner. The bulletin board is suppose to look like a beanstalk from Jack in the Beanstalk. Not an artist remember ;). My daughter asked me why I had a stem in my room. Oh me. 

So that's pretty much my room. It's a little more put together as far as pictures and student work goes, but a lot messier now that the kids have gotten in it! I made almost all of my own posters and decor this year. You can find it all in my TpT store.  Ya know, for next year..

Now, for the potty trick! We have automatic flushers in our bathroom. I usually have one child freak out every year. Every. Year. And every year I have to make deals with them so that they will pee, and not have an accident. This year the child to freak out was none other than my own personal daughter. I knew this was going to be an issue. We worked on it all summer to no avail. So I started wheeling and dealing with her like I've done with so many before her. But, one day my aid gave her a post-it note to hang over the sensor so it won't flush until she removes the post it. Hallelujah!!!It has totally saved my life! And my sanity! See my daughter is a control freak like her mom, and the only problem that she has with them is that she cannot control the flush. So you see how this is the perfect fix for her! Hopefully this will help some of you as well! :)

And finally, if you made it this far, our new family member. You may have read this summer that we had to put down our beloved german shepherd. It has been so hard on us, mainly my husband who took him to work everyday. The weekend after we lost him, a good friend of ours told us that she was expecting a litter of puppies in August. We were thrilled as we were looking for a new puppy anyway since my husband uses the dog at work and we weren't expecting a gap between dogs. So anyway, we said yes! Our friend did a temperament test on the puppies this weekend to match us up with the best puppy for us and here she is!

Meet Saige! We are thrilled and she will be coming home to us on September 30th! We can't wait!

September 19, 2013

I'm Coming Back Soon...For Now I'm Crazy!!

I have so been looking forwards to getting this blog going this year. I have so many pictures and things from the beginning of the year that I would like to share. However, right now I'm insane. These. Kids. Are Tough. I had 4 in the office yesterday for fighting, like a huge fight, it looked like a boxing match. This morning as we were leaving for our field trip to the fair I had to take another one, and that ended up in suspension for 3 days. Whew....It's only been 22 days of school. Do you know how many social/emotional lessons I've taught this year??!! 22 formal, and a bajillion and one informal. I'm telling you it's been a year. Oh, and plus parent teacher conferences were Tuesday. In the middle of week 5. That's how we roll around here. I've also had one formal observed lesson as well, with a pre and post conference. I'm beat, but I'm not giving up on these little ones. Aside from behavior, my assessments turned out exceptionally well for the first of the year, and I have high expectations and hopes for these kiddos. If I could get them working in centers independently without too much commotion though or something serious happening that would be great. Center fairy please visit us. Like yesterday...So I'm going to try my hardest to come back tonight with our year in pictures so far. Then I can catch on up, and we can get rolling! I hope you all have had a smoother year than I have!! :)

August 28, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

What's the best thing about my job, you ask?? Everyday is a new day! :) And with that I leave you with this quote this morning my friends.

technology rocks. seriously.: Saying & Posters & Quotes OH MY! {Part 5} 
Found on Pintrest from Technology Rocks Seriously

August 27, 2013

Real Talk Tuesday

So, I meant to post tonight about our first week of school last week. But, I can't. I'm not in the right mind set. While we all love our jobs, and our students, and (almost....I could live without the paperwork) everything about what we do sometimes we need t be real. We need to be okay. We need to admit when things didn't go so well. Today was one of those days for me. It's only the 2nd week of school, and I feel nuts. This is my 3rd year of teaching kindergarten. I shouldn't feel so nuts!! But I do. I have a pretty challenging class this year, when it comes to behavior. That isn't bothering me so much. My first two years of teaching really put me in my place, and I've seen A LOT. So I felt pretty prepared for the behavior issues that I've seen. It's something else. Something I can't really put my finger on.

I am also having my first formal observation next week. The third week of school. Arkansas changed it's teacher evaluation system, and since I haven't been at my district for 3 years yet (I switched districts) I have to have 3 formal observations, complete with a pre-observation interview, the lesson I teach, and a post observation interview. So maybe I'm just completely over whelmed. Maybe it's just the first of the year, and I forgot how little they are when they come to me. Either way, thanks for listening :).

August 25, 2013

Sale Finds!

WHEW.... The first week of school is in the books! I'll be back to share what we did later, but here are a few of the things I bought at the TpT sale! I hope you all had fun looking around at everyone's shops! I know I did!

Let's see, first things first. I bought

 Color Me Kindergarten from Abby at The Inspired Apple
Alphabet Flip Books from The Printable Princess 
 Alphaheroes from Growing Kinders (My kids are LOVING these!)
 Trace me a to z from the 3AM Teacher
 Poetry Stations from Deedee Wills: These are a great addition to my shared reading time. I think I have them all now :).

The Bus Stops Here Centers from Cara Carroll at the First Grade Parade. I love all of Cara's stuff, so I'm sure these will be no exception. 

So that's most of what I bought! What did you get??

August 17, 2013


I love a good sale! I mean LOVE it! And it doesn't get much better than a TpT sale! My shopping cart is chock full (don't tell my husband!), and I can't wait to get everything printed out and in my classroom for this year. I went ahead and put my shop on sale for 20% off, but you can get an extra 8% off  Sunday and Monday. I hope you enjoy the sale, and I'll show you all what I snagged this weekend!

July 18, 2013

I'm back!

So, I've kinda taken a long break, but I have a good reason. We lost our sweet german shepherd last Thursday. Ever since then our whole house has been in an state of disarray. We lost him far too soon. He was only 3 1/2. However, he was not healthy. Food allergies, auto-immune disease, and we found out a few months ago, arthritis. At 3.5 years :(, and it was severe. He laid around and cried all the time, and he wasn't responding to the pain medications. The vet told us that he was never going to get any better, and he wasn't safe around our kids anymore because he was getting so snappy if he got bumped. So, we decided to go ahead, and put him down. Hardest. Thing. Ever....But we felt it was for the best for everyone. We are very sad with all of that I kinda got off track.

On a happier note. I've still been getting ready for August. I go back to school in 2 weeks, and the kids get there in 4!! I was finally able to get into my room Wednesday, so I put all of my furniture back where I think I want it to go, to start the year, unpacked a few boxes, and made a plan for my walls. Today, I drug my kids all over creation to do some classroom shopping! :) Sidenote: My kids are such sports! We shopped for about 12 hours today, and there was minimal whining! I'll take it!! Mardel had their 20% sale today, so I grabbed a few things that might come in handy, and I went to every Target in the area! And I found a few Goodwill finds! I LOVE thrift stores! :) I'll share my finds with y'all this weekend!

I had insomnia last night, and I whipped up some 2-D shape posters! They turned out precious! You can snag yours in my TpT shop.Click on the pic to get ya there! :) I hope your week has been better than mine! I'm ready to get back on track!!

July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July & a Sale!

 HAPPY JULY 4th!!In honor of the 4th I'm throwing a 20% off sale in my TpT store! It will last until midnight! Check it out, and enjoy your day! I'm going to be taking it easy at home today with my little family, cooking out!

July 1, 2013

Monday Made It!...Happy July!

Happy July y'all!! We can start expecting the back to school ads to start rolling strong now! While I'm not quite ready to think about getting back into my classroom I am excited to share my Monday Made It today!! It's my classroom decor bundle! It's fairy tales, and it's presh, AND it's printer friendly!! I tried to make it colorful and adorable without breaking the bank on the ink cost! I'm also in the process of adding all of the elements individually to TpT in case you don't need all of it. That will have to wait until nap time though because my baby is in the process of dragging my clean laundry all over the house :), and I'm not feeling well today :(. So I will absolutely have everything up by tomorrow. But, here are some previews for now, and I hope you enjoy it if you still need a theme, or would like to add one to your color scheme! Click on the first picture to check it out today!

June 24, 2013

Made It Monday!! FREEBIE!

I can't believe this is the last full week of June!! It's not fair! However, I can say that I've had the best month with my kids! Any next month I will hopefully be able to get into my classroom, and get busy! With that said, I am linking up with Tara for Made It Monday! I'm loving this linky! I'm getting so many wonderful project ideas from you all!

Now, to be quite honest I haven't done much this week. I've been at my parents since Friday afternoon, and I didn't get much accomplished before that either, but I do have a couple of things done. Nothing mind blowing, but still something accomplished!

Made It #1

Glue sponges. I used Mr. Greg's video tutorial to make these babies. I hope they work like I am wanting them to. I HATE all the glue issues in my classroom so hopefully these are the answer to my problems!! I also have a little confession to make. My 5 year old daughter made these. I supervised and bought materials. :) She wanted to help (she will be in Kindergarten this year!), and she ended up just doing them, they are that easy!! You can find the video tutorial HERE to make your own.

Made It #2

Word Wall

This is a sweet little word wall I made. I made it a couple of weeks ago, but I updated it last night to include pre-primer, and primer Dolch words, and color words. Plus, they contain all of the kindergarten high frequency words for the Reading Street series. Anyone else teach Reading Street out there?? And guess what?? You all get it FREE until tomorrow, with one tiny stipulation that you rate the product PLEASE!! :) I'm new to TpT so any feedback you give me will be super useful! Click the pic to snag your copy today!!

Now that you have your freebie, the reason I haven't done much is because I've been all consumed with my classroom decor pack! It's fairy tales, and it's super adorable so far! I'm so excited about it, and it's inspired by my daughter who wanted me to have a princess classroom, so this was our compromise! So look for it by the end of the week! So, that's it for me this week! I'm heading over to check out all the awesome things you guys have done!

June 19, 2013

Word Wall Fun!

I just uploaded a sweet little word wall to TpT! It's a light blue and orange chevron word wall, with all of the sight words from Pearson's Reading Street Series (Kindergarten). I'm going to add the Amazing Words (vocabulary), and Dolch and Fry words for those of you that use those as sight words. I hope you enjoy it! Click on the picture to pick yours up!

June 18, 2013

Monday Made It...On Tuesday. FREEBIE!!

Better late than never right? I had a crazy busy day yesterday with my kiddos, and today I was out of power for most of the afternoon. :/ Now that the baby is asleep I have a little time to catch up! I was super busy this week making several things that I saw from you all last week! :) I'm linking up with Fourth Grade Frolics!

First up my copy/file/grade drawers! I saw these last week from Tara, and I've also seen them on several blogs, and of course pintrest! :) I also finally decided on a theme for my room next year....fairy tales!! SIDESTORY: I teach in a little school where I am the only kindergarten teacher, which means I get to teach my own daughter next year! Excited and nervous...anyone ever taught their own kids before?? Tips?! Anyway, she wanted me to do my room in princesses. I looked and didn't see very much on princesses, I was thinking princesses, princes, dragons, medieval really. So, I gave up, and decided to do bright chevron. I wasn't totally happy with that, so I thought I would throw in pirates. I still wasn't super excited. Then after sifting through clipart FOR. EV. ER... I found some super cute fairy tale clip art from Little Red's Schoolhouse!! So adorable and she had PRINCESSES. So everyone could be happy. I'm focusing on Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel (my little ladybug is SO happy!), Jack and the Beanstalk, and Hansel and Gretel. If I have enough kids to have 5 tables I will throw in The 3 Little Bears as well! I am so excited and have some cutie patootie stuff ready and I can't wait to share when I can get back in my room. But today, (back to the story here) I made my drawers in little red riding hood style. Love them, and you can grab them for free!!I'm also excited about this because it's the first thing in my TPT store!! My goal is to have 10 items ready by the time school starts so I'm well on my way. Anyway, here ya go! Aren't they cute y'all?!! Click on the picture to get yours FREE!

The next thing I made was a cute name stick holder. Mine are forever falling and spilling all over the place. I'm hoping this will help with that. :) I found this idea from Fifth in the Middle during The Ladybug Files Optimum Organization Party! She has a great step-by-step tutorial HERE.

When I had my son last year I got some sample Similac formula in the mail. I never used it, and couldn't find anyone that needed it, so I dumped the formula (hated to do that...) and I  wrapped them in bright chevron duck tape for my sharp/dull pencils. I will probably re-wrap them to match my new colors if it sticks out too much, but here they are for now. Just gotta add some labels :).

That's all I've been up to this week, along with raising my little darlings! :) I'm loving all the projects you guys are doing! Leave me some love if you grab one of my free items! I'm new to this so any and all constructive feedback is welcome! :)And if you haven't shared it's not too late! Next week I'll (hopefully) have my math curriculum binders finished, or at least began! :)

June 10, 2013

Monday Made It!

Hey guys! I'm linking up with Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It!!

 I finally got my act together, and made a teacher toolbox! I. LOVE. IT! I am going to redo the labels with a cuter font (new computer, and wasn't sure what I wanted or how I wanted to dress the labels up!) , and straighten up that tape. There were a few minor issues that went with this little project. My daughter picked the bubble gum pink color :). The main problem was the painting. I live out in the middle of nowhere, and there are a lot of bugs. A LOT! They kept getting stuck in my paint, and I would have to add another coat of paint, and so on but I finally got it all together. I also couldn't decide what use to dress up the labels. My classroom theme is chevron {along with everyone else :)}, and I found some bright and cute chevron duck tape at Walmart! It was perfect!! If you look at the very bottom left box I wanted to totally frame the label, but I think it looks much better doing just the top and bottom of the label! So I'm very excited now to fix these labels for good!

That's it for me for this Monday! I'm enjoying looking at all of your ideas!!

June 6, 2013

SUMMER....and Currently Super Late!

So I am finally on summer vacation! I am loving being at home and doing nothing! Well, I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, a husband, grad school, and a house so I'm not ever doing nothing BUT this is as close as it gets ;). I am so excited about the things I have planned for this summer, and I'm going to be sharing all of them with you! I'm going to blog as much as possible. One of my goals for this next year is to keep up my blog, and start participating in the online fun! I was going to put off Currently until next month since I'm late, but I decided to just jump on it and do it anyway!! So, here it is my very first Currently!!!

1. Listening: I'm listening to The Hunger Games in the background! I love this movie, and it's nap time for my kiddos so it's perfect for blogging to! :) I absolutely cannot wait until the next movie comes out!!!

2. Loving: Staying with my kids all day!! We have so much fun together!! I have a 5 year old daughter, who will be starting kindergarten by the way this year (WAAAH!!), and a 1 year old son! Love them!

3. Thinking: About starting my summer projects...I have a TON both home and school projects that I want to do. I'm hoping to mark several off of each list! Plus I'll be sharing them with you! :)

4. Wanting: Ice always this time of day, especially in the summer. My faves are chocolate, and chocolate chip cookie dough...too bad another one of my goals this summer is to look like I've never had children when I get back to school ;)!

5. Needing: To do laundry my couch is covered in clean laundry to put away, and I have one load each in the washer and dryer, and a couple of baskets of dirty clothes still. I swear it doesn't feel like we have this many clothes when I'm trying to find something to wear...maybe because they're all dirty. Ha! :)

6. Vacay Essentials: Sunscreen- fair complexion, Flip Flops- because it's too dang hot to wear anything else on my feet, and Sunglasses- because squinting gives me a headache! :)

So there it is. My first currently! I'm excited!! :)

May 16, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

I know teacher appreciation was last week, but I haven't had time to share what I got! Now, my school doesn't have a PTO that supplies us with treats all week long so it's solely up to the kids to get things for me, which is totally the best anyway right?!! I got an array of things from flowers pulled up from the yard that morning (with the roots :)), to a princess frog piggy bank! But my favorite had to have been from two little boys that were working in their literacy center. I have these cool magnetic words that I let them build sentences with on the white board. Check it out!!

Isn't that the sweetest?!?! They ran up to me as I was finishing with my small group, and said, "Come look what we built for you!" They were both so sincere about that sentence, gave me big old hugs, and it made my heart melt!!  Nevermind, that they replaced "pretty" with "crazy" in their next sentence. Ha! Boys!! ;0)

 With only 4 days left until kindergarten graduation it is safe to say that I'm not ready to give these little people to the first grade teachers! I've been so blessed by them this year!!

May 9, 2013

Dollar Tree Finds!!!!!

Hey everyone! It's been forever since I've blogged!! I feel like I shouldn't have even started this blog until the summer so I'd have a little more time! Anyway, I made my way over to dollar tree {for very important things I'm sure :)!} and I found a few cute things for my classroom!!

1. First up those dice are super cute! They roll very well, and are a good size for my math tubs! Plus they will be fun for my kids to use.

2. Timers: I've been wanting some small timers for my kids to use in centers, but I had a hard time paying $37 for 6 timers. These are a steal at $1 a piece. Not sure how well they will hold up. I've been using them for a couple of days and they seem to be fine. Hopefully I will get a whole year of use out of them!!

3. Ice packs, because who doesn't need a cute ice pack for those bumps and bruises! The nurse at my school loves that I have them in my room. Saves her some time :).

Anyone else find any good deals lately??

April 19, 2013

The Best of Intentions: UPDATED

I'm still here folks! It has been CrAzY around here, and I haven't forgotten about your cloud freebie either. It has decided to stay winter here in Arkansas, and I am not pleased. Not only was it 36 degrees this  morning on my way to school, it has rained every. single. day. Which all the clouds have been perfect, except I had an outside activity for you, and well, we haven't been able to go outside.

On top of the bad weather the 1st and 2nd graders have been testing in the mornings this week. I share a wall with the 2nd grade (I teach in a teeny, tiny school!) so I've gotten kicked out of my room this week during the morning time so our schedule as been all messed up. Which is never good, especially when the kids can't go outside, and they've been hit with an unhealthy dose of spring fever!

Also, yesterday during my math block I heard a POP, POP!!! I quickly scanned the room to find a very large bookshelf pretending it was the Leaning Tower of Pisa!!! I called the office and had maintenance remove the bookshelf so it would squish any of us. Apparently, when they waxed the floors they didn't move the shelves and the wax  ran under the shelves and glued them to the floor. (Seriously!) So the weight was apparently on the front. The tile had ENOUGH and broke off. Seriously. I couldn't make this stuff up. However, it has been a blessing in disguise. I mentioned I teach in a teeny tiny school. Well, that also means I have a teeny tiny room, with only 1 teeny tiny window, and virtually zero wall space. So look what removing that bookshelf left me!!!

I AM SO EXCITED!!! I told them not to bring me another bookshelf back, that I would be okay. :) I already moved my reading center over there, and am excited to use it for anchor charts next year. At least, that's what I'm intending to use it for as of now. I'm sure I'll change my mind 20 or so times. And I'm sure I can find a spot for everything that was on those 9 shelves to go. So, that's why I haven't posted, or why you have your freebie yet.

 Hope you guys had a fantastic week. Was anyone else's like mine??

UPDATE: My crazy week (s)  have not stopped. The weekend I intended on working up that cloud freebie I got a stomach virus..all weekend. Which was followed by another week of rain, and all 4 of us catching some weird "fever virus" that has kept us sick this week. *Sigh* We've never been as sick as we have been this year, it's crazy! So I'm hoping next week I will start being able to catch up, and fill you in on the crazy end to our school year!

March 28, 2013

Kindergarten Weather & Craziness

My lovelies have had a case of the crazies this week!! They are having a rough time coming back from spring break. I had four kids dissolve into uncontrollable tears by 10 am! After the fourth one I made them rest until recess. Whew!

Other than our little meltdowns we have been studying weather using the All About Weather unit from the fabulous Caitlin from Kindergarten Smiles. If you haven't checked her out, she's a MUST read. :) Here are a few picture of my kids working on some of the centers that are included in this packet! They LOVE them. In fact, after the first day of this unit one of my boys told me as they were leaving, " We sure did a lot of work today, but I'll tell you was more fun than seesaw'n with a magical unicorn!" :) See, worth every penny!

We have done the sun, and are working on cloudy. Stay tuned for a little cloud activity that I'll be showing you later this week (or weekend!).

March 27, 2013

I Moved!

I have moved over from so that my teaching blog wouldn't be linked with my personal blog! [Still trying to figure all of this mess out ;) ] So grab a Coke and enjoy! I have a lot of awesome blog posts coming up!