June 3, 2014

June Currently!

Hello currently peeps! I don't think I've done once since last July...whoops! I'm going to try to do better this year with my blog. I really want to just document what we do weekly, and I did NOT do a good job at that this year, but there's always next year! :) So, here is my currently for the month of June! Enjoy!! :)

Listening: To Curious George. Did I mention that I'm alone? Lol! My kids are both napping/resting and I got busy on my computer, and just left the TV running...How many of you moms and dads have done that?! All of you! Good, I knew I wasn't alone ;).

Loving: That I don't have anywhere I HAVE to be right now. The only thing I HAVE to do today is take my daughter to gymnastics tonight. Which I forgot about until I wrote that I don't have to do anything today! Lol. And I have to feed my children. Of course. :)

Thinking: About what to do this summer. My husband and I decided that we were going to have a low key summer this year. We have been so busy this year, we NEED to just be still more. I'm also thinking about next year. It's impossible to turn my teacher brain off, but I think I've got my theme all narrowed down. I'm also going to have the biggest class I've ever had before. 22 little kiddos are going to be knocking on my door come August! I'm trying to think about time and material management the most!

Needing: To go grocery shopping. Mostly because the two little people who call me Mom have been running around the house asking to eat all day long, because they are BOTH going through growth spurts (cuz that's what you get when both of your kids are born in the same month) , and because I haven't been shopping in a week! We are heading out as soon as the baby wakes up! :)

Summer Bucket List: Our big plan is to relax. Yes, we will go swimming, and to the zoo, and do a lot of the summery things that you'd expect. But, we are also going to do a lot of just nothing! I will be potty training my son this summer, which is one reason we are going to stay at home more this summer, but also because I want to soak up every bit of the 6 and 2 year old that I have living in my house right now. They are changing so so quickly. I just want all of the time I can with them! :)

So that's it for me! What's in store for your June??

June 2, 2014

Kindergarten Graduation Song!

Why hello there! My school year is over, and I am just now able to get this up! It has been a crazy school year, but it ended on a sweet note! How many times did you hear "Let It Go" this year? I heard it no less than once a day, but most of the time it was more like 10! Ha! We were practicing for our Kindergarten Graduation, and my kids were just not loving the finale song I had picked out. At. All. My daughter whined out during graduation practice one day! "Mrs. Tina (yep, she called me Mrs. Tina at school:)) why can't we sing Let It Go for graduation??" My response, " Because it has nothing to do with moving on to first grade!!" Then later that night, well, why can't it have something to do with moving on to first grade? With my minimal music training I poured every ounce of my soul out, and in a little under an hour I had written my masterpiece! :) My only reservation was that I only had 8 days until graduation, and wasn't sure my kids could learn all of the lyrics. I decided to try it out, and I told them that if we couldn't learn all the words then we would have to do our old song. They. Loved. It. AND learned all the words in TWO days, AND rocked it out at graduation! :) I was so, so proud of them! Our graduation was May 27th, and I wish I could have posted this before the end of school was out, but maybe you can file this freebie away for next year! :) You can grab a copy HERE for FREE from my TpT store! If you use it next year I'd love to see a little video! I'm going to try to post my kids performance in the next week! Happy Summer friends!! :)