February 25, 2015

Mission: Bring Spring

Sooo, I'm on day 3 of snow days this week! We also had 1 last week, well 2, but we were out for President's Day anyway so it didn't count against us. This is the most snow we've had since we moved down here. I was hoping moving to southern Arkansas we would miss all of this mess, but nevertheless it seems to have found me. We have about 4-5 inches right now, and it is still pouring. We should have 7-9 inches before it's all over. :( I'm not a fan of the cold if you can't tell. So I've been on a mission to BRING SPRING by going ahead and decorating for St. Patrick's day! Since it is in the middle of the month I always hate decorating the first of March because after it's all over I just want to take it down, and I only get to enjoy it for a couple of weeks! So I decorate so I can enjoy it for a month! I LOVE St. Patrick's Day. Which is weird I know, it's not a holiday that a lot of people really celebrate or even like to celebrate because of the whole pinching thing, but there is a lot of awesome stuff about St. Patrick's Day, and Ireland that people don't really know about. And, it's a great way to get some more geography into my little kinder's minds. :) I'm working on a St. Patrick's Day unit right now, and I can't wait to break it out!!

I also went to Dollar Tree and found these precious shamrocks! Actually, I dug through some boxes at Dollar Tree and I came upon these gems. I bought the whole box. Which was 10. Perfect. :)  I was able to hang them up on Monday before we got let out early for the ice and snow. They are perfect for my ceiling, and will look great with our St. Patrick's Day crafts I have planned...if we ever get back to school. When my kids walked in they asked, "Why are there leaves on our ceiling??" Oh boy, we definitely have some learning to do!! :)

I also love to change my desk tags out seasonally. It just makes me happy, and no matter how many expectations I've set for the name tags someone will inevitably pull the tape from around it or mark on it, or something and they look a hot mess after about a month anyway. So, to keep me from losing it, and our tables pretty I change them out monthly. Which works great for the beginning of the year since there is pretty much a new holiday every month! :) So thanks to the most precious clipart ever from Glitter Meets Glue Designs I have some pretty cute ones made up, and I'm giving them to you as a FREEBIE! :) I hope you like them, and they make your desks a little prettier this month too! :) Just click HERE to pick them up in my TpT store. :) Oh, and TpT is having a little sale right now! My store is 28% off with the code: HEROES Click the picture to check out my store! :)

I hope you are all having a wonderful week, whether you're inside or actually getting to work this week! :)