September 5, 2015

Subject and Predicate Song

Hey y'all!! It's been a crazy three weeks of school! I am LOVING being in upper elementary, and it has taken me no time at all to feel comfortable with kids in this age group again! :) I have a lot of different things I want to share from the first 3 weeks, but first I wanted to start out sharing a song! :) My fifth graders have not had a very strong background in language, and they were really struggling with finding the subjects, and predicates. No matter how many times I went over it, or how many interactive activities we did with it I had almost half my class that still didn't get it. I NEEDED to move on, and I was racking my brain, when Taylor Swift's "Shake it off" started playing on my shower radio. And the lyrics just came to me. I was hoping the kids would like it so I sang it for my daughter who's in second grade, and she just LOVED it. The lyrics are simple and repetitive, because I needed to teach it in one day so they would have it in their brains for the quiz the next day.

I used an instrumental version of the song on You tube to sing with. You can find the version I used HERE.

And you can download a copy of the lyrics for FREE in my TpT store, which you can find HERE!

I hope this helps you teach this skill if your students are struggling like mine were, or if you just want to add a little more fun to your language lesson! :)