May 16, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

I know teacher appreciation was last week, but I haven't had time to share what I got! Now, my school doesn't have a PTO that supplies us with treats all week long so it's solely up to the kids to get things for me, which is totally the best anyway right?!! I got an array of things from flowers pulled up from the yard that morning (with the roots :)), to a princess frog piggy bank! But my favorite had to have been from two little boys that were working in their literacy center. I have these cool magnetic words that I let them build sentences with on the white board. Check it out!!

Isn't that the sweetest?!?! They ran up to me as I was finishing with my small group, and said, "Come look what we built for you!" They were both so sincere about that sentence, gave me big old hugs, and it made my heart melt!!  Nevermind, that they replaced "pretty" with "crazy" in their next sentence. Ha! Boys!! ;0)

 With only 4 days left until kindergarten graduation it is safe to say that I'm not ready to give these little people to the first grade teachers! I've been so blessed by them this year!!

May 9, 2013

Dollar Tree Finds!!!!!

Hey everyone! It's been forever since I've blogged!! I feel like I shouldn't have even started this blog until the summer so I'd have a little more time! Anyway, I made my way over to dollar tree {for very important things I'm sure :)!} and I found a few cute things for my classroom!!

1. First up those dice are super cute! They roll very well, and are a good size for my math tubs! Plus they will be fun for my kids to use.

2. Timers: I've been wanting some small timers for my kids to use in centers, but I had a hard time paying $37 for 6 timers. These are a steal at $1 a piece. Not sure how well they will hold up. I've been using them for a couple of days and they seem to be fine. Hopefully I will get a whole year of use out of them!!

3. Ice packs, because who doesn't need a cute ice pack for those bumps and bruises! The nurse at my school loves that I have them in my room. Saves her some time :).

Anyone else find any good deals lately??