December 6, 2013

Ice Day and Back in the Swing of Things

Today we have an ice day! It's not actually icy yet, and my school is not actually closed yet but my son's daycare closed preemptively because the ice is suppose to hit us at 8:00 this morning. I have a 40 minute, one way, commute so I'm going to go ahead and stay home with my babies! :) However, I do hope my littles all get home safely before the ice gets too bad!

Today actually gave me this day to decide that my blogging hiatus is over. I miss blogging, but I felt like I had no inspiration this fall. And to tell you the truth I don't really like the fall that much, but I do love the Christmas season and we have been spending a lot of time doing some super fun stuff! Which I have few pictures of, because I've been having technical issues, but I have a few and will be sharing this weekend! :)

Is anyone else "enjoying" an ice or snow day today?? (I say that lightly because I know no one wants to be in school in June! ;). Have fun and stay safe today!