July 1, 2013

Monday Made It!...Happy July!

Happy July y'all!! We can start expecting the back to school ads to start rolling strong now! While I'm not quite ready to think about getting back into my classroom I am excited to share my Monday Made It today!! It's my classroom decor bundle! It's fairy tales, and it's presh, AND it's printer friendly!! I tried to make it colorful and adorable without breaking the bank on the ink cost! I'm also in the process of adding all of the elements individually to TpT in case you don't need all of it. That will have to wait until nap time though because my baby is in the process of dragging my clean laundry all over the house :), and I'm not feeling well today :(. So I will absolutely have everything up by tomorrow. But, here are some previews for now, and I hope you enjoy it if you still need a theme, or would like to add one to your color scheme! Click on the first picture to check it out today!

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