July 11, 2015

What's Next?!!

Hey friends! The beginning of July was a lot busier than I anticipated!! And, my summer of no worries is officially over! Even though my teacher brain never turns off completely I took a month after we got out of school, and worked only on things I wanted to, only after my kids had gone to bed. This summer was about family time, and we packed A TON into June! :)

So, as Jed Bartlett would say, (any other west wing fans??) "What's next!" Here is a rundown of what I have planned for the rest of July! I anticipate it is going to be busy and productive...hopefully! :)


* Next week I am leaving on Monday and taking my daughter to gymnastics. Then, I am meeting my mom for lunch, and dropping my kids off with her for the week. I am going to a PLC conference out of town, and my husband works nights 2 of the nights I'll be gone so they enjoy spending the week at Grammy and Big Pa's. :)

* The week after that I'm headed our for a literacy coach training. It's about an hour away, and I will get to come home everyday, so my mom is staying with us for that week. I see a lot of my mom in the summer, but I'm so glad she is able and willing to help us!

* Redecorating my classroom!! This is one of my favorite things to do, and I'm moving classrooms and grade levels  so I'm going all out with a new design!! :) But, I haven't even been able to get into my room yet! They are STILL waxing the floors, and meet the teacher night is in less than a month!!!

* Figuring out what the heck TLI is. Do you know? Do you use it?? DO YOU LIKE IT??? I'm afraid I'm going to hate it. I've heard it dictates what standards are taught weekly, and they are assessed every 1 or 2 weeks?? I feel like I'm going to lose some creativity, and losing the ability to work on what my kids need to work on. Because, ya know I've heard teaching has a lot to do with kids. ;)

* I'm also going to work on having an open mind about that TLI stuff. ;)


I still have some things to do at home too....

* Stain my porch. It has never been done. 
* Redo the floor in my kid's bathroom, and put in a new toilet. I am so glamorous! :)
* Finish graduate school! I graduate in August!!!!!
* Still find lots of time to snuggle my kids. 
* Celebrate my birthday! I'll be 31! #noshame
* Celebrate 9 years of marriage! 

We shall see how much of this gets done! And now since you read my lists I'll give you a funny story. I was deep cleaning my couch, lets just pause for a moment and savor that fact....., okay. I THOUGHT my kids were playing together. All of sudden my youngest comes out of his room smelling an awful lot like baby powder, which we do not own. I looked at him, and said, 
"Jake what's all over you??!"

 He replied, "SOUR CREAM!!!!" 

Me: " Yeah I think you mean Vaseline."

That nut had Vaseline ALL. OVER. HIM. Head to toe AND all over his BED!!!! He ruined about $100 worth of bedding, and I was cleaning Vaseline off of everything all the ding dong day. I didn't even know we owned Vaseline. However, since this is my second kid I totally snapped a pic before I cleaned him up. :)

So...How are you spending the rest of your summer?! I'd love to know!! :)

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