July 4, 2015

July Currently

Hey guys! How in the world is it July already??!! July is the month this year that is going to get crazy busy, and hectic. While I love it, I've also loved the slow pace of my June. It was perfect. I promised my kids June. No working, no crazy projects, nothing but finishing up grad school which I was able to do at night while they were sleeping most of the time. We so needed some slow quiet, and fun time together! July is a whole different kind of beast. Back to school prep, PD, etc... I already saw composition notebooks and loose leaf paper on sale so it. is. coming! :) It's raining today on our 4th of July celebrations so we are taking another slow day, and while everyone is napping I thought I'd link up with Farley for her Currently linky! :)

Listening: to the rain, and the quiet. My whole family is napping, even the dog and cat! We had a really fun morning at the Clinton Presidential Library. Today was a free day, and they have an awesome dinosaur exhibit right now! My little man is loving dinosaurs, so we took the kids. We got there about 20 minutes after they opened, and walked right in, No lines, not crowded. Perfect! :) So now we are napping!

Loving: Our quiet and fun 4th of July. As I've already mentioned our July is about to get crazy! So I'm enjoying this quiet, lazy day with my sweet family!

Thinking: How to spend the last few weeks of summer. Most of my summer is scheduled for me. An out of town conference for a week, another week of PD, GRADUATION! That one I am so ready for! Working on my classroom, since I'm moving grades and rooms I've got a lot to do. But, there are still going to be some fun days, so I'm looking for way to pack as much fun into them as I can. :)

Wanting: The floors to be done at school! Our floors have not been waxed yet. Which means that we can't arrange anything until they are done,,,I would at least like to get my furniture placed soon so I can see what kind of wall space I have to work with.

Needing: Ummm...can I have another June? Please?? :)

All Star: I think I am pretty good at prioritizing. I try to be anyway. Balance is such a struggle for all of us, but I try to make it so that when we work, we work hard, and when we play, we play even harder :). Some weeks are more balanced than others...always a struggle...And I try to just be present when I'm home, and at work, and focus on the now. My kids are growing so fast. They just turned 7 and 3 in May, I just don't want to miss out! Not everything gets done, like ever, I haven't cleaned out 1 closet and my sink is full of dishes, but I try to make sure that the important stuff gets done. And by important stuff I mean the snuggling ;)....


  1. I wish I could have another June too! Teachers go back to school on July 28th and students return on August 4th. This summer has gone by entirely too fast! Enjoy your least few weeks!

    Kristi Swearengin
    The First Grade Chalkboard

  2. Enjoy the rest of your summer too! The summer seems to go by quicker every year! :)

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